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Antimicrobial Resistance

The Norwich Research Park hosts a wide range of interdisciplinary antimicrobial research at the John Innes Centre, The Sainsbury Laboratory, Quadram Institute Bioscience, Earlham Institute, University of East Anglia and at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

There are more than 300 microbiologists and over 40 separate research groups on the Norwich Research Park involved in antimicrobial drug discovery and resistance-related studies, making this one of the biggest research centres in the world for AMR research.


Antimicrobial research across Norwich Research Park covers multiple themes including:


  • Discovery, biosynthesis and bioengineering of novel anti-microbial natural products
  • Identification and validation of novel targets and antibiotics
  • Medicinal chemistry and lead optimisation
  • Molecular epidemiology and surveillance of resistant pathogens and resistance genes
  • Roles of the microbiome in AMR
  • Novel delivery systems for antimicrobials
  • Development of novel diagnostics
  • Evolution of resistance by pathogens
  • Environmental selection of AMR including HAI
  • Public engagement, citizen science projects and outreach



Dr Chris Hamilton

Dr Benjamin Evans

Prof Mark Searcey

Prof Ian Charles

Dr Christopher Morris

Prof Ganesan

Prof Michael McArthur

Prof John Wain

Prof David Livermore

Prof Paul Hunter

Prof Changjiang Dong

Prof Alastair Watson

Dr Justin O’Grady

Prof Matt Hutchings

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

Dr Catherine Tremlett

Prof Paul Hunter

Prof Alastair Watson

Quadram Institute

Prof Ian Charles

Dr Mark Webber

Prof Alastair Watson

Prof Mark Pallen

Dr Justin O’Grady

Prof Arjan Narbad

Dr Alison Mather

Dr Rob Kingsley

Prof Simon Carding

Dr Lindsay Hall

John Innes Centre

Prof Tony Maxwell

Dr Andy Truman

Prof Barrie Wilkinson