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Gut Health

The gut is home to trillions and trillions of microbes that have an active role to play in both animal and human health.

These microbial communities (i.e. the microbiota), and individual members have been shown to modulate immune function, provide resistance against invading pathogens, and help with digestion of dietary substrates.

Notably, disturbances in the microbiota are correlated with numerous diseases.

The Norwich Research Park is a hub for basic and translational research, right up to clinical trials, that examines the role of the microbiota, and specific microbial species, and how they positively or negatively influence health.


Quadram Institute

Prof Ian Charles

Dr Mark Webber

Prof Alastair Watson

Dr Stephanie Schüller

Prof Arjan Narbad

Dr Alison Mather

Dr Rob Kingsley

Dr Tamas Korcsmaros

Dr Nathalie Juge

Prof Simon Carding

Dr Lindsay Hall


Prof Ian Charles

Prof Tom Wileman

Prof John Wain

Prof Alastair Watson

Dr Stephanie Schüller

Dr Gary Rowley

Earlham Institute

Dr Richard Leggett

Prof Neil Hall

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital

Prof Alastair Watson