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Dr Christopher Morris

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Chris graduated with an MPharm degree (First Class Honours) from Cardiff University in 2002. He then undertook PhD studies in which he investigated the mechanistic aspects of macromolecule uptake and transport across the lung epithelium. In 2007 Chris assumed a post-doctoral position on the EPSRC-funded Nanomedicine Platform Grant (Departments of Chemistry & Pharmacy, Cardiff University) where he led a small inter-disciplinary research group looking at the design and synthesis of novel nanomedicines for enhanced pulmonary macromolecule delivery. Subsequently, Chris worked with scientists from the Defence & Science Technology Laboratory (Porton Down, UK) on a collaborative project that investigated the bioavailability of antimicrobial peptides following delivery into the intact lung. In September 2010 Chris joined UEA as a Lecturer in Drug Delivery and Pharmaceutics.

Chris’ main research interests are in the area of experimental peptide therapeutics (including antimicrobial peptides) focussing specifically on their disposition at biological barriers. Current projects include:

  • The examination of antimicrobial peptide and nanomaterial disposition in the airways
  • The development of polymer-peptide platforms for delivery of biologically active peptide drugs across the mucosal barriers of the gut and the lung
  • Development of cellular and non-cellular model systems for studying macromolecule interactions with mucosal barriers
  • The use of phage display to identify DNA-binding ligands (collaboration with Dr Zoe Waller)

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