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Biological Chemistry

Biological chemistry researchers on the Norwich Research Park study a wide range of different molecular processes in bacteria and other microorganisms.

Scientists across the park study microbiological processes at the molecular and atomic levels, and use this knowledge to produce and manipulate novel natural products (e.g. antibiotics), industrially useful enzymes and biological vectors.

Other research is focussed towards the molecular interactions that take place at the host-pathogen interface during plant infection, and the electrochemistry of mineral-respiring bacteria living on rocks.

Science on the Norwich Research Park is supported by several state-of-the-art biological chemistry platforms including crystallography, proteomics, surface plasmon resonance and NMR spectroscopy.


John Innes Centre

Prof Mark Banfield

Prof Ray Dixon

Dr Tung Le

Prof Tony Maxwell


Prof Julea Butt

Dr Tom Clarke

Prof Changjiang Dong

Dr Andy Gates

Prof Ganesan

Dr Chris Hamilton

Dr Andrew Hemmings

Prof Matt Hutchings

Prof Nick Le Brun

Dr David Lea-Smith

Prof Thomas Mock

Dr Christopher Morris

Prof David Richardson

Dr Kevin Tyler

Prof John Wain

Quadram Institute

Prof Mark Webber