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Dr Susan Schlimpert

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Cell and developmental biology

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Royal Society Research Fellow

Susan will start her own group as an independent project leader in the Department of Molecular Microbiology in January 2019.

Susan is interested in the molecular mechanisms that spatially and temporally control cell division and cellular organisation in bacteria. She is particularly interested in every aspect of the biology of the filamentous antibiotic producing bacteria Streptomyces.

Her group uses a combination of cell biology, molecular genetics, biochemistry and global ‘omics approaches to investigate the molecular basis that allow Streptomycesto grow as multicellular organisms and to divide into unicellular spores.

Dr Schlimpert’s group uses Streptomyces venezuelae as a model system for developmental studies in filamentous growing bacteria. The research in her group focuses on:

  • Cell division and sporulation
  • Regulation of multicellular development in bacteria
  • Cell differentiation

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