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Prof Julea Butt

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Biological Chemistry


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Professor of Biophysical Chemistry

Julea is Professor of Biophysical Chemistry at UEA. Her research centres on redox-active metalloproteins with a specific focus on their roles in living organisms and their rational use in biotechnologies for solar chemicals production. A range of methods are employed, from protein engineering through to biochemical, electrochemical and spectroscopic characterisations. Further details can be found below. Previously, Julea pioneered the study of adsorbed electroactive proteins for novel perspectives of their biochemistry with Professor Fraser Armstrong, FRS (University of Oxford). This approach, adopted by groups around the world, has become known as protein-film electrochemistry (PFE). In recognition of her achievements Julea received a Royal Society Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowship in 2015 and the inaugural Young Investigator Medal from the British Biophysical Society.


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