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Sequence-Led Research

Scientists across the Norwich Research Park are using a variety of techniques based on next-generation sequencing technology to examine the structure, function and evolution of microbial genomes, to characterise complex microbiomes from environments including the soil, the ocean and the human gut, and to assess and combat the spread of plant and human diseases.

Technology platforms onsite include Illumina MiSeq, PacBio and Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencing, supported by state-of-the-art scientific computing and data storage facilities.



Prof Tracey Chapman

Prof Ian Charles

Prof Matt Hutchings

Prof Thomas Mock

Prof Colin Murrell

Prof Jon Todd

Quadram Institute

Prof Ian Charles

Dr Matt Gilmour

Dr Lindsay Hall

Prof Mark Pallen

Prof Mark Webber

Earlham Institute

Dr Rob Davey

Prof Neil Hall

Dr Richard Leggett

Dr David Swarbreck

The Sainsbury Laboratory

Prof Sophien Kamoun

John Innes Centre

Dr Tung Le

Dr Diane Saunders